Here at we love making learning easy and fun! We hope you enjoy the site and we invite you to join us! Many students and children from all over the world visit our website and your contributions can help them significantly in learning a new language in an enjoyable, effective way. If you like making learning fun and want to contribute to our site, now you can! There are 2 ways for you to contribute:

Word Set Creation

Are we missing an important vocabulary topic? If you find we don’t have some topics, or that an existing one is not good enough, you can help to create a new or better word set! We provide an online tool to help you create a word set by yourself. For details, please refer to ‘How to Create a New Word Set’.

Simply prepare your images and vocabulary list and our tool will help you to create the voices and word sets in the same style as the others on our website. If you prefer, you can select to use your own voice file instead of our machine-generated one. Additionally, we employ voiceover talent to record real human voices at monthly intervals. These human voices are used to replace the machine-generated ones for the most popular word sets.

Our only limitation is that you contribute word sets that are educationally useful to others. We will not permit any word sets that are poor in technical quality, lack organization, are specialized for personal use, violent, pornographic or have any other inappropriate content. Every word set is reviewed by the Editing Board before being made public. After review, edit, and replacement of real human sounds, the moderator will set the final game status to “Public". Please note this process normally takes between 6-10 weeks.

Word Set Translation

After the creation of a new word set, we work very hard to try and translate the original into the other main languages, so that the maximum number of users can benefit from each new vocabulary set. If you would like to help translate your word set into one of our major languages (English US, English UK, Chinese/Mandarin, Japanese, German or Spanish), we provide an online tool to enable you to translate any word set by yourself. Full instructions are given in our easy-to-follow tutorial sheet, similar to the one for creating a new word set, called ‘How to Translate a Word Set'.

Please feel free to email us with your contact details if you would like more information about translating.