U.S. Citizenship 24: African-American History Part 3

Authored by: uscitizenpod
February is African-American History Month. For more information, see http://www.africanamericanhistorymonth.gov/ For a list of the USCIS 100 History and Civics Questions, see http://goo.gl/lbeoGB Thurgood Marshall was an important Civil Rights lawyer and was the first African-American to serve as a US Supreme Court Associate Justice. USCIS 100:40. Who is the Chief Justice of the United States now? Congresswomen Shirley Chisolm (NY-12) and Barbara Jordan (TX-18) were the first African-American women elected to the House of Representatives. USCIS 100:23. Name your U.S. Representative. Edward Brooke was the first African-American elected to the U.S. Senate after Reconstruction. USCIS 100:20. Who is one of your state’s U.S. Senators now? Andrew Young served in many public offices, including ambassador to the United Nations. USCIS 100:68. What is one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for? General Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice both served in the cabinet as Secretary of State. USCIS 100:35. What does the President’s Cabinet do? The current president is the first African-African elected to lead the United States. USCIS 100:28. What is the name of the President of the United States now?