U.S. Citizenship 12: Veterans Day

Veterans Day is on November 11th. It is a Federal Holiday. Most schools and businesses are closed. Veterans Day honors veterans and people in the US military. People have parades and memorials. We also remember POW/MIAs (Prisoners of War or Missing in Action). The US Military (Armed Forces) is the US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. • People in the US Army are soldiers. • People in the US Navy are sailors. • People in the US Air Force are pilots, airmen, and airwomen. • People in the US Marine Corps go wherever they are needed to fight. • People in the US Coast Guard protect our coasts, beaches, and boats. People in the military can bear arms or serve as non-combatants. People who are now in the US Military are on active duty. People who were in the US Military are called Veterans. Happy Veterans Day!